Online PDF Training

Icon for Online PDF TrainingYou know PDF tools like Enfocus PitStop Pro and Switch could solve your preflight problems. They could save you money and time. They could improve output and client relationships. But…

I don’t have time to learn the software!

Then you’ll benefit from learning like this…

  • In bite-size, 90-minute chunks
  • Precisely (and only) the features you need
  • On your own schedule
  • From the convenience of your office
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90 minute online session costs only $225!
And unlike traditional training, unlimited trainees can attend.
That’s more than 25% savings on regular in-company training.

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Advantages of Online Training

Bite-sized 90 Minute Lessons
No need to spend the whole day on training and no afternoon yawn factor!

No Limit on the Number of Trainees
Attach your screen to an overhead projector and your entire team can attend.

You Get Live Feedback
Trainees using the Webex client can swap screens with the Learn PDF Trainer so s/he can see what you’re doing right or wrong.

Save on Travel Costs
Save on travel costs for your training. It’s good for your budget and the environment.

You  Learn More When You’re Ready
Take another 90-minute session any time and continue learning where you left off.

It’s Cool!
Well, sort of. The first five minutes are sort of cool and after that it just feels really great way to learn.

Get ready to watch, interact and learn!